Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Arrangements for school closures due to inclement weather

With the advance weather forecast predicting snow on Thursday and Friday 17th and 18th January 2013 can I take this opportunity to remind parents of our procedures for emergency closures prior or during school. We only close the school in extreme circumstances if I feel that there is a health and saferty issue. We will use our Text to parents service to inform you of an early closure if school is closing or prior to school to avoid any unnecessary journey. PLEASE KEEP YOUR MOBILE PHONES AT HAND TO RECEIVE AN UPDATED MESSAGE. If you have recently upgraded your phone or changed the number please update your records with us by contacting Mrs. Thomas in the school office. The School website "LATEST NEWS PAGE" is always updated with information. Click here to visit the RCTCBC Emergancy School Closure page. I will also place a message on this blog, on the Friends of Gelli Primary School Facebook page and tweet from the school's Twitter account. Hopefully, this will enable you to keep in touch with the current situation.  

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