Saturday, November 17, 2012

Addition to the Photo Album

Photographs of the visit to the Wales v Samoa game can be accessed by clicking on this link which takes you to our photo album. There's one of Mrs. Taylor with her former PE teacher and now BBC Wales Scrum V pitchside reporter Phill Steele.

Wales v Samoa

We made a big noise and waved our Gelli and Cymru banners last night when we visited the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff to see the Wales v Samoa rugby international. We also got ourselves on to the television as well. The pupils were wonderfully behaved and were a credit us. Thanks to the staff and parent volunteers for accompanying us. Shame about the result and the performance of the team.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Newsletter published today

A newsletter contatining information regarding our Annual Book Fair, Children in Need Day, Wales v Samoa game arrangements and dates for the end of term was distributed today. A copy of this can be accessed on our Moodle site.

Book Fair

We will be holding our annual book fair on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th November this year. We have invited the South Wales Travelling Book Company to visit the school. The book fair will be open from 3.00 p.m. Please come and browse around and make your selection. Further details can be found on the South Wales Travelling Book Company website at

Sunday, November 11, 2012

School Calendar updated

Dates for the upcoming half term have been updated on the School Calendar. This can be accessed either from this link or via the links on the school website and blog.

Visit to the Millennium Stadium to see Wales v Samoa

Here are the arrangements for our visit to the Wales v Samoa international at the Millennium Stadium on Friday 16th November 2012.
1.      Please will you make sure your child is in school by 4.45 p.m.
2.      The coach will leave Gelli Primary at 5.00 p.m. as we anticipate some heavy traffic on entering the city centre.
3.      The coach will drop us off in the area where coaches are recommended to park by the police. The city centre areas are not open to traffic.
4.      We should arrive in plenty of time to walk to the ground before the game, which kicks off at 7.30 p.m.
5.      The game should finish at 9.15 and we will need to make our way to the coach park area outside the University buildings in Cathays Park.
6.      It will take some time to make our way out of Cardiff through the traffic but we should be back in Gelli between 10.30 and 11.00 p.m.

Other arrangements:-
1.      Food and drink
We are NOT able to take any bags or other items into the ground, so I suggest that your child has a good meal before leaving and that we take a small bottle of water and a few sandwiches to eat on the way back on the bus. Please can we make sure that any litter is brought back with them in their backpack. In addition please can we NOT take chocolate, sweets, crisps, pasties, yoghurts or fizzy drinks etc that will make a mess on the bus.
2.     Mobile phones
The children will be NOT NEED to take a mobile phones to contact you on the way home to update you on our time of arrival. 
I will use our Text to Parents facility to contact you when the bus will be in Porth which will give you about 10 minutes to make your way to school to pick your child up when the bus arrives.
Please make sure that Mrs Thomas has your current mobile number in our system.

3.     Payment Balance
Please will you arrange to pay the balance of the cost of the trip by WEDNESDAY 14th NOVEMBER unless you have already done so.

4.     Adult Supervision and safety arrangements
We have an adult child ratio of 1:4 and your child will be allocated a member of staff to look after them. We will insist that your child listens to the member of staff at all times, follow instructions and co-operate at all times.
We will observe the following safety procedures:
·        When we are walking to and from the bus we will hold hands so that children are not separated from each other.
·        There will be frequent head counts and staff will have each other’s contact numbers in case of emergency.
·        Children will be supervised at ALL times and accompanied to the toilets by members of staff.

5.     Medication and travel sickness
If your child has difficulty travelling please will you ensure that she / he takes some travel tablets to avoid this. (I would appreciate if you could let us know if this is the case.)
Also if your child needs to take an asthma pump with them that this is given to the teacher in charge of your child’s group and inform us.

6.     Money
We will NOT be allowing the children to visit the cafes or bars inside the stadium. I suggest that the children only bring a maximum of £7.00 in coins so that they can buy a souvenir match programme if they wish to do so. There will be no other opportunity to spend money.

7.     Clothing
There is NO NEED to wear school uniform. If your child has a Welsh Rugby Shirt or any other suitable item such as scarves, hats etc please bring them along. (There is no need to buy these specially!!) Please make sure that your chid has a warm, waterproof coat as we will be walking some distance from the bus to the stadium.
I anticipate that we will have a wonderful experience next Friday and the Welsh team will run in plenty of tries and we will spend most of the evening cheering. The staff are experienced in supervising children in these situations and I expect that the children will be excellent ambassadors for Gelli Primary.
If you wish to discuss any of these arrangements with me, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Children in Need Day

Gelli Primary will be supporting the Children in Need appeal on Friday 16th November. The pupils will be invited to dress up in pyjamas or as Rock stars or any other clothes as school uniform need not be worn on this occasion. We will be taking a coin collection as usual and the money will be donated to the BBC Children in Need appeal. Teachers and the School Council have organised some activities for the afternoon. If you want some help in making the most of the day all the information is on the BBC Children in Need website at

Friday, November 9, 2012

Foundation Phase Christmas Production

This term Classes 1, 2, 3 and 4 are performing “Digital Ga, Ga” in the school hall as their Christmas production.
There will be two performances – the first on Monday afternoon 10th December at 1.15 p.m. and the second on Tuesday morning 11th December at 9.15 a.m.
Each family will be allocated TWO tickets for each performance. Tickets will be on sale from Class 1 Nursery (Miss Mathias) at the end of the day and will go on sale daily from Friday 16th November.
Any unclaimed tickets will then be sold on a first come first served basis on November 30th.
The cost of each ticket will be £3.00.
Due to Fire and other Health and Safety regulations we will insist that everyone is seated and you will be asked to leave if you chose to stand.
We will be unable to accommodate any babies or toddlers as there will be no room to them to sit on laps during the concert or for any prams, pushchairs and buggies.
I would appreciate your co-oporation in this matter.
I hope that you will enjoy the show and look forward to welcoming you for the performances.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Purple Mashh access from the Blog

You can now access our Purple mash site from the menu bar of the Blog and use the 2simple software we use in school to create documents and presentations at home.

It can be located on the right hand side under Gelli Primary websites

Click on the Puple Mash hyperlink and when you are prompted to insert your child's unique password in the box.
Please do not give this password out to any other person in your family as this may lead to your child breaking the terms and conditions of use if any inappropriate material is found under this log in.

Year 6 Abernant trip deadline

I have contacted Manor Adventure and they have agreed to defer the £50 deposit deadline until November 5th. They have agreed to keep our booking open for the three schools until then. May I remind you that this is a non refundable deposit and it needs to be paid to secure a place for your child on the trip. It may not be possible to add your child’s name to the party after this date. Should you wish to discuss this with me please do not hesitate to contact me.