Monday, June 30, 2008

Changes to some end of term arrangements

I have needed to make some changes to some arrangements for some activities before the end of term as a contingency for the possible industrial action being taken during the last week of term.

The INFANT SPORTS AFTERNOON will now take place on FRIDAY 11th July.

The INFANT CONCERT to celebrate Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Dunn's retirement will now take place on Tuesday afternoon July 15th at 1.30 p.m.

Further details will be posted here and sent home by pupil post.

Advanced news of possible strike action

You may have read in the press that UNISON are proposing to take strike action on WEDNESDAY 16th & THURSDAY 17th July. I will inform parents of any disruption to school as soon as I have any information. This will be available by pupil post and in electronic form on the blog and on the website.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Welcome to Gelli Primary School

Mr. Graham Dunn, our Chair of Governors, welcomes Mr. Marc Hughes to Gelli Primary School. Mr. Hughes joined the staff today to participate in our annual self evaluation day. The staff analysed the school performance data in order that the areas for development that were identified can be formulated into next year's school development plan. "We are delighted that Mr Hughes has been able to participate in this process. It will help him to get to know the staff and the workings of the school in readiness for taking up his role with us in September. On behalf of the Governing body I wish him every success in his new role." said Mr. Dunn.
The staff divided into two teams, one led by Mr. Jones, the other by Mrs. O'Gorman. They systematically went through a model self evaluation questionnaire constructed by the Atlantes Inspection team to evaluate the school's current eprformance against the seven key questions which ESTYN use to inspect schools. Thanks to all staff members who were involved.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

PTA Summer Fete Newsletter

A newsletter promoting the PTFA Summer Fete was distributed by pupil post on Thursday 25th July. Visit the PTFA page to view it on the website.

School Closure for Staff Training

School will be closed on Friday 27th June as the staff will undertake the annual school self evaluation process.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Appointment announcement

Gelli Primary School is pleased to announced the appointment of Mr. Marc Hughes as Deputy Head teacher. Mr. Hughes is currently teaching at Gladstone Primary School in Barry and takes up his appointment in September.

This week's news June 23rd - 27th

Newsletter 12 for the summer term has been posted on the newsletter page.

Head teacher Awards for Week 16th – 20th June 2008
The following children were awarded Head teacher’s awards this week.
Nursery- Amelia Roberts and Cameron Stephens
Reception – Rhydian Sparrow and Ashleigh Gealy
Year 1 – Fynley Jones and Elise Jones
Year 2 – Charley Williams and Danielle Carmichael
Year 3 – Georgia Coombes and Connor Perkins
Year 4 – Rebecca Stoddart and Jack Lewis Davies
Year 5 – Jack Palmer and Holly Jones
Year 6 – Josef Macey and Megan Atkin
Llongyfarchiadau bawb.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fruit Tuck Shop begins free tasting

Our FREE Fruit Tasting session has been a great success and we will launch the initiative on WEDNESDAY during morning break. Fruit portions will be sold at 20p each. The Shop will be run from the doorway into the Canteen and children will come on a "first come, first served basis." If it is wet the children will come into the hall via the main enterance. We will keep you informed of this initiative via the blog and newsletters. Just to clarify that this initiative is for children in Year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Children in Nursery and Reception are already provided with snack.

Jump Rope for Heart Sponsorship

The total raised for the British Heart Foundation by our Jump Rope for Heart sponsorship was £475.90. In addition £158.63 will be retained by the school in order to purchase sports equipment for the playground. As recognition of the efforts of pupils who raised over £50, the British Heart Foundation will present “goodie” rucksacks to MIA SQUIRES and BETHAN MILES. A big thank you for all who made this initiative such a success especially Year 5 and Miss Lang who organised the skipping and to Miss Carly who co-ordinated the event.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Head teacher Awards for Friday 13th June 2008

The following children were awarded Head teacher’s awards this week.
Nursery- Alfie Dunning and Jamie Davies
Reception – Yazmin Rogers and Solomon Thomas
Year 1 – Nimah Old and Jo Orells
Year 2 – Callum Lewis and Megan Thomas
Year 3 – Callum Wilson and Josh Davies
Year 4 – Ethan Derrick and Jenna Jones
Year 5 – Kelsea and Kirtsy Eddy
Year 6 – Anna Evans and Kurt Macey
Llongyfarchiadau bawb.

Mrs. Lee announces her retirement

Mrs. Lee has informed me that she intends to retire at the end of the term. After a long and distinguished career, this has seen her teach countless generations of pupils in our village, she has decided to put away the chalk and enjoy a deserved retirement. Mrs. Lee is not with us at present and is recovering well from a recent health problem. We will not leave her slip away without taking the opportunity to wish her well in what we hope will be a long and happy retirement, but also celebrate a long career of success in developing the abilities of children of Gelli. I am sure that children who have spent time in her class will remember their time with her with great affection. On a personal basis, I will miss May’s advice, expertise and wisdom. As yet, we as a staff at Gelli Primary may not realise how much we will miss her. May had a wonderful gift of getting people to work together for the sake of the children. I will inform you later on in the term how we intend to mark Mrs. Lee … (and Mrs. Dunn’s) retirement. If you would wish to leave a message for Mrs. Lee and wish her well please comment on this page.

Newsletter 11 for Friday 13th June

A newsletter was sent home by pupil post ysterday. It is available on the newsletter page of the website.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Year 3 visit Glyncornel Archery Centre

Year Three visited the archery centre at Glyncornel on Thursday 12th June with Miss Carly as part of the PESS partnership and Dragon Sports.

This video can also be seen on the PESS page of the school website.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gelli Cricket Team gain respectable third place in Miskin Mannor Competition

The Boys Cricket Team accompanied by Miss Carly and Miss Hatch participated in a Dragon Sports Cricket Festival at Miskin Mannor Cricket Club. They played Llwyncrwn Primary in the opening match and were victorious. They also defeated Dolau Primary in their second game. Next up were our "new rivals" PONTYCLUN. Having made Mr. Roberts miserable for a week after beating them in the Sports Hall Athletics competition, the stakes were high. Pontyclun were winners thanks to their superior bowling. They went on to the final (where they lost in the last over, rather contraversionaly, to Hendreforgan Primary. In our last game we beat Trehopcyn Primary. Here is a photograph of the boys - Josh J, Josh G, Jordan G, Jordan N, Josef M, Keiron D, Josh W, James, Ceri and Joseph A. - who played in front of the pavilion scoreboard at Miskin's picturesque ground. At the end of the day the organisers thanked the children for a wonderful festival of cricket and announced that we had been placed third in the competition. Llongyfarchiadau bawb, Miss Hatch a Miss Carly. The organisors were so impressed with the performance they invited the squad to come to play at Miskin before the end of the term.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Head teacher Awards Friday 6th June 2008

The following children were awarded Head teacher’s awards this week.

Nursery- Sam Jones and Rosie Exell
Reception – Emily Street, Jacob Jones, Sebastian Adams and Thomas Davies (For starting a new class)
Year 1 – Logan Saunders and Josh Wigley
Year 2 – The whole class
Year 3 – Joel Smart and Kadie Lane
Year 4 – Daniel Jones and Sophie Thomas
Year 5 – Bradley Powell and Jonah Cannon
Year 6 – Josh Wilson and Josh Jones

Llongyfarchiadau bawb.