Monday, July 1, 2013

The Ned Show Merchandise

The NED Show visited us on Friday and we have agreed to make available the yo-yo's that Nate used in his performance. They will be sold each break time in the Hall. Please use the order form that we sent home with the newsletter last week. If you did not receive one you can access and electronic version from our Moodle site. Please will you send in the correct money with your order. We have sold a number of yo-yo's this morning and we have found that the more expensive the yo-yo is for advanced users and that the NED YO-YO works the best for our children's age. The pupils are using their Yo-Yo's in the designated area in the yard so that they can play safely with them. The NED STORE will be open UNTIL NEXT FRIDAY (July 5th) so hurry to the store and get your Yo-Yo.

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