Monday, June 24, 2013

The Ned show coming to us on Friday 28th June 2013

Next Friday I have arranged for “The Ned Show” to visit us The NED Show is the most popular assembly programme in the United Kingdom. They also perform in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even for special events at the White House. Nearly 2.5 million children will see The NED Show this year! Their goal in partnering with schools is to help improve pupil behaviour, enrich instructional time, increase academic achievement and enhance the overall school climate.

Our agreement with the Ned Show organisers is that we receive the show free of charge, (it would normally cost £1000) and in return we have agreed to make some merchandise available that they will use in the show for purchase. May I say that we are not obligated to sell on the company’s behalf only to make it available and we should you feel that you do not want to support the school in this venture you are not obligated to do so. The company have produced a parent’s letter which will be sent to pupils and parents which we will send home later this week. You can also visit the Ned Show website and find out more about what they do.

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