Monday, December 10, 2012

Arrangements for the Junior Concert

Details of arrangements for the Junior Concert will be circulated by pupil post this afternoon. It can also be accessed from our Moodle site at

This year we will be using Mount Zion chapel as the venue for our two Junior concerts. We are very grateful to the Elders and Pastor for allowing us to use the chapel and it will be fitting that the pupils will perform the Nativity Cantata – Away in a manger by Roger Jones. The dates and times of the performances are listed below. We are able to accommodate up to 230 people in the audience for each performance. The majority of the seats will be upstairs with the children singing from the pulpit and front pews. We will have limited seating available for those with mobility problems who may find climbing the stair to the gallery difficult. You will be allocated TWO tickets for each concert. Tickets will be available from the school secretary from Monday 10th December onwards. Any unsold tickets will be made available for general release from Friday morning. Tickets are priced at £2.00 each we will include a donation to the Chapel for the use of the facility and for heating the building,
Mrs Johnson has asked all pupils to wear white shirts and trousers for the performance. Our intention is to create “a heavn’ly choir of angels” around the pulpit area. As you know we don’t ask parents to buy specific clothing for any school event and should you experience difficulty in obtaining white trousers then a pair of cream, light brown or grey trousers will do.
Babies, toddlers prams and pushchairs.
We will be unable to accommodate any babies or toddlers as there will be no room to them to sit on laps during the concert or for any prams, pushchairs and buggies. I do realsi that this may be inconvenient for some but every year I have a number of comments that babies and toddlers who become unsettled during the performance causes disruption. I would appreciate your co-oporation in this matter.
Pupils are expected to attend BOTH concerts and should be in the Chapel by 5.40 p.m. for the evening performance at the latest. Pupils will be expected to be collected from the Chapel unless you give prior consent for them to walk home.
Please complete the booking form and send to school with the correct money. Your tickets will be returned by your child at the end of each day

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